Captur is a simple Menu Bar interface for Mac OS X screencapture command.

  • snapshots your screen in many way such as full screen, window, widget, selection etc.
  • change a different file format for various file size
  • customize file name with date and time options

Download Captur 2.2 (for Mac OS X 10.6)
32 bit and 64 bit package

  Mac Informer Editor's pick award


History :

Version 2.4
- For Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite 
- Build and replace deprecated code under Xcode 6.1
- Dark Mode Support

Version 2.3
- Fix capture on OS X Lion fullscreen window mode

Version 2.3b
- OS X Lion Support
- Add Italian Translation (Omar D. Molteni)

Version 2.2
- New Menu Interface 
- Add Start at login options
- Add gif and bmp file support
- Fix German and French Translation (thanks to Yves Kaiser)

Version 2.0
- Add countdown when timed capturing to the menubar
- Add new preview interface (action for captured image)
- Add preferences options (Capture the cursor and shadow of the window)
- Fix menubar and application icon
- Fix German and French Translation
- Remove quicklook (built in qlmanage) integration
- Remove pdf capture capabilities

Version 1.3.2
- Fix menubar icon
- Add German Translation (Yves Kaiser)

Version 1.3.1
- Add tooltip for menubar icon
- Add French Translation (Yves Kaiser)

Version 1.3
- Fixed file name with space support
- Add custom save location
- Add customize placing for date and time formats 
- Add with No Sound option

Version 1.2
- Fixed quicklook still appear when capturing is canceled
- Fixed timed fullscreen beep for 5 seconds

Version 1.1
- Fixed file naming when date and time is not checked.
- Add quick look after capture.

This is a free native cocoa application. Enjoy.

In case you wonder what the application do, just open the terminal and type 'screencapture --help'.
This is just a menu bar interface for this built-in command. :)


Haerul Rijal

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  1. Any chance you could add the iterator value as a Variable so we can define the entire file name ex: File-Name-$i or something.