Captur is a simple Menu Bar interface for Mac OS X screencapture command.

  • snapshots your screen in many way such as full screen, window, widget, selection etc.
  • change a different file format for various file size
  • customize file name with date and time options

Download Captur 2.2 (for Mac OS X 10.6)
32 bit and 64 bit package

  Mac Informer Editor's pick award


History :

Version 3.0
- For Mac OS X 10.10 or later 
- Retina Display Support
- Captur is now Sandbox'ed

Version 2.4
- For Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite 
- Build and replace deprecated code under Xcode 6.1
- Dark Mode Support

Version 2.3
- Fix capture on OS X Lion fullscreen window mode

Version 2.3b
- OS X Lion Support
- Add Italian Translation (Omar D. Molteni)

Version 2.2
- New Menu Interface 
- Add Start at login options
- Add gif and bmp file support
- Fix German and French Translation (thanks to Yves Kaiser)

Version 2.0
- Add countdown when timed capturing to the menubar
- Add new preview interface (action for captured image)
- Add preferences options (Capture the cursor and shadow of the window)
- Fix menubar and application icon
- Fix German and French Translation
- Remove quicklook (built in qlmanage) integration
- Remove pdf capture capabilities

Version 1.3.2
- Fix menubar icon
- Add German Translation (Yves Kaiser)

Version 1.3.1
- Add tooltip for menubar icon
- Add French Translation (Yves Kaiser)

Version 1.3
- Fixed file name with space support
- Add custom save location
- Add customize placing for date and time formats 
- Add with No Sound option

Version 1.2
- Fixed quicklook still appear when capturing is canceled
- Fixed timed fullscreen beep for 5 seconds

Version 1.1
- Fixed file naming when date and time is not checked.
- Add quick look after capture.

This is a free native cocoa application. Enjoy.

In case you wonder what the application do, just open the terminal and type 'screencapture --help'.
This is just a menu bar interface for this built-in command. :)


Haerul Rijal


  1. Any chance you could add the iterator value as a Variable so we can define the entire file name ex: File-Name-$i or something.


  2. My company is blocking your Dropbox links. Any chance you can put it on the App Store or elsewhere (besides Google Drive, that's blocked too).

  3. can you add retina menubar icon please? love this app thank you!

  4. Any chance you could have option in preference to 1. no dialog box to confirm when you click the discard button instead close the window 2. when you click save, it should auto save to the path you have chosen in preference and close the window.