Friday, March 25, 2011

Captur - A simple Screen Capture Interface

Today, I've launch a native cocoa application were used to capturing screen in various way. The program name is Captur and runs on Mac OS X 10 or Later (Intel).

This program use the screencapture, a command line application for capturing screen on Mac OS X. Since command line program is not friendly with end users, this application make the short way to do it. Many thanks to Yves Kaiser for the idea and for the German and French translation. This version is free and still in development for the next version.

See the application page and enjoy.

Haerul Rijal


  1. Bro, program lo 'Captur' jadi terkenal loh, dibahas sama website Lifehacker disini!5790109/captur-puts-screen-capture-controls-and-preferences-in-your-os-x-menubar

    good job! Bikin bangga negeri ;)

  2. Too bad but I was greeted with the old 'Not Found' 404. Tried to reach it more than once too.

  3. would love to try this... link not working for me either!