Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Plurk, a Unique Way of Micro Blogging

Almost two years from now I joined plurk were introduced by a friend. In the beginning, I think plurk is just a regular form of micro blogging. Through the time until now, I see a lot of changes that the developers built to keep this thing up.

In this blog, there are several things I want to share about why I like plurk so much.

Many blogs tell that this is one of the plurk effects. In my view we can’t say this is true or not, but it depends on what we want to share. Beside that too much plurking will kill the karma. That means the plurk team do not wanted you to get addicted and get bored too soon. I think this is a positive way that other micro blogging should do.

Because everyone is differ from the others, the profile that we made on plurk is more alike describing our self and that makes us so familiar with other friends. Plurk is also not limiting you from using other social networks. This means we can share on different ways, creating on our own and of course this way can make plurk stand among the other.

Development Side
From novice to expert, plurk make us to learn, why? Because this customizable facility, every one can learn how to customize the CSS, the style of our profile. Although this there is paid layout, every plurk users will be anxious about how to do that. When the Plurk API’s came out, the way of plurking even more interesting because we can use it in many programming language. This proves that plurk development side can reach all of it’s users and their experiences.

Plurk Page Sample

In the end, I just wanna say thank you to the Plurk Team for making a different way of how to learn, share with friends and how to respect the others.

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