Monday, November 02, 2009

Linux and BSD is Sucks !!!

After a long time I saw the different philosophy from different Linux Distro, yes it is... it sucks. I know that using Linux for all of the geeks is most enjoyable time and it looks great. But for me, I have another perception for that and the what I’m try to talking about in here is the way of linux “works” are sucks. I know that a lot of people will disagree on this, but let’s face it because it’s true.

Some Linux distro’s create a package like .EXE .MSI on Windows and DMG on the Mac. On Linux, using program or software must deal with the shared library that means we have to make the packaging, porting or what else to produce the installer. This is very different from the way Windows and Mac OS X works and we have to admit that this is the big reason why a lot of people can’t friendly on Linux or BSD. Linux is free and most of the program are open the source for user, it seems promising and doesn’t need cost too much, like Windows or Mac. But it still make a different philosophy for the Linux End Users where the installed program is depends on package manager from the different distro.